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    FAQ about test samples

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    What should be the size of the test sample?

    The standard size of the test samples is circular disc of 25.4 mm (1 inch) or 50.8 (2 inches) diameter. It is also the most common size of witness samples or optical elements used in the laser systems. This size has a sufficient test area to perform most of the LIDT tests.

    However, don’t worry if your samples have different size or shape. Simply, define the parameters in the inquary form at my.lidaris.com. Add drawing if necessary. Lidaris experts will advise you if there will be any problems about the test area or other technical issues. Please be aware, that a customized sample holder should be prepared for a non-standard sample. Thus the test price will be slightly more expensive.


    How to mark test surface?

    To save lead time and minimize the risk of error, please mark Your samples accordingly.


    How to prepare transparent samples (crystals, prisms, windows, etc.)

    The rear surface of transparent or anti-reflective (AR) coated samples should be polished. Never leave it matte. Otherwise, laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT) will be limited by the rear surface and the test results might be inconclusive.

    Sample thickness of the transmissive optical element (for instance AR coated substrates) is very important testing at fundamental harmonic (1ω). In order to avoid stimulated brillouin backscattering, it should not exceed 1 cm. If it does, please contact your assistance manager to learn about difficulties and risks, which can happen during the LIDT testing.


    How to pack samples for shipping?

    Please be aware, that packing might affect test surface of the sample and change test results.

    Please, avoid low-quality paper. Always use well-sealed boxes. If you are using shipping boxes with plastic membrane, put your sample in the holder, which ensures there is no contact between the test surface and the membrane. If you are not sure about packing choices, please contact Lidaris experts for advice.


    Will my samples be cleaned at Lidaris?

    Please note, that we do not clean samples if it is not noted in the inquiry form.

    Each sample is unpacked in the clean room. If the unpacked sample is dusty, the specks of dust are blown-off by pressured air before testing. If you want your samples to be cleaned at Lidaris, please note it in the inquary form at my.lidaris.com


    What is the shipping address?

    Please use testing facility (not the registration) address for shipping:

    UAB Lidaris

    Sauletekio Al. 10,

    LT-10223 Vilnius,

    Lithuania, EU


    To speed up sample registration procedure we kindly ask our customers to indicate sales order number on the shipping box.

    How to prepare Customs documentation?

    When preparing shipping documentation, please download these bits of advice in order to avoid any delays due to miscommunication at customs.

    Download button 3

    Will my sample be returned?

    1. Sample return option should be indicated in the inquiry form at my.lidaris.com.
    Otherwise, the sample will be stored for a limited time and consequently destroyed.
    For available sample storage times consult with Your assistance manager.

    2. Sample return procedure starts after a client receives testing results and confirms
    that samples can be shipped back. Email confirmation is required.

    3. There are two sample return options:

    3.1 The sample can be returned by LIDARIS. Optimal shipping method will be selected. Shipping cost of 50 Eur will be added to the testing order.

    3.2 The sample can be returned via customer’s provided method. Return label must be provided.


    Be aware, if shipment information (for instance return label) will not be provided on time, Your sample will be shipped using LIDARIS shipping method. An extra cost will be added to your order.

    4. Please note, when samples are shipped back the total value of the samples (goods) are stated to be below 22 EUR. If you need to declare a higher value of the goods (despite the fact that they are most likely already damaged), please inform us before you confirm the return of the samples.


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