Guide for the new clients

Are you new at Laser Damage Field? Don’t worry, we prepared a guide for you. Here you will find everything you need to know about laser damage: how it works, why it is important, how you can benefit from it, and much more!

Identify your needs

Are you looking for laser damage threshold test of your optic?

Need to measure the LIDT:

  • To get LIDT numbers for optics catalog at various irradiation conditions
  • To know typical optics performance
  • To position your optics performance in the global context

Are you looking for certification your optics performance?

Need to comply with optics drawing specifications:

  • To validate optics performance
  • To check for worst case scenario
  • To make sure there is no bad optics within production batch
  • To prevent laser damage in your laser

Do you want to improve laser damage performance of your optics products?

Need to optimize your manufacturing technology

  • To identify limiting factors of laser damage
  • To get some guidance in optimization
  • To save some time and R&D costs

Want to understand why optics has failed?

Need to understand what went wrong?

  • What is causing laser damage in you case?
  • What are strategies to avoid it?

Are you looking for more information about laser-induced damage threshold?

Need to learn about laser damage phenomena and how to avoid it:

  • To understand laser damage specification
  • To chose right test in your context

more tools
and useful information

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  • Available tests

    Check out all available laser-induced damage threhods test and additional testing services such as low-loss absorption measurements.
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  • Available test bundles

    Check out recomended test bundles: a unique opportunity to order test packages, which address various practical needs
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  • Available testing conditions

    Check out all available laser damage testing conditions (wavelengths, pulse regimes, environments, and more).
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  • Laser Damage infobase

    Check out a simple explanations related to the main topics of laser damage terminology.
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  • Orders FAQ

    Fast way to find out about test samples prepration, handling, and shipping.
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  • Downloads and docs

    Here you can download all information about laser damage testing available at Lidaris.
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Feel free to let us know if you have any concerns. We can always help you with choosing the right solution for your specific needs.