Optics Characterization Bundle for CW regime at 1070 nm

The testing package consists of multiple tests, which are carefully selected to address optics characterization issues at the CW regime. It includes two “worst case scenario” LIDT tests, a low-loss absorption test pack, and thermo-visual measurements.

Use this bundle:

  • to distinguish between optic ‘s front-, back-, and bulk absorption;
  • to characterize homogeneity of absorptance of one optical surface;
  • for characterization of absorption changes in time at a single point (Time-Scan);
  • to provide “typical” absorption specifications for catalogs;

Our clients like it because it:

  • provides a quick summary of parameters required to predict optics performance in multi kW CW laser systems;
  • helps to understand the relation between heating, absorption, and damage performance;
  • indicates LIDT worst-case scenario for two distinct failure modes, namely: defect-driven damage and cumulated heat.


The single test is sometimes not enough to get a full picture of optical element performance in the CW regime. First of all, the optical element can be damaged either due to “average” absorption of an optical element or “localized” absorption due to the defects; Secondly, the specified performance of the optical element can change even below the laser damage threshold: increased temperature can cause thermal lensing, wavefront deformations, etc. In a sense, the optical element will be functionally damaged and loses its intended specification without catastrophic damage. This testing package is created to help our clients to better understand the limiting factors of their optical elements. When optical elements are exposed to high average power CW laser irradiation.

Need something else?

Some of the package parameters (such as scan area) can be adjusted to better fit our client’s needs. Also, additional testing (such as scattering testing, surface Nomarski microscopy, and other LIDT tests) can be added to the package if necessary. Let's discuss Your laser damage testing needs

Testing conditions

Check out our capabilities and identify your system in our “Available testing conditions” table.