Company That Helps You to Survive Laser Damage

We provide experienced laser damage testing and other optics characterization. Don’t waste your time by attempting to do it yourself in a quickly changing technical world.

core competences

  • Over 20 years of experience at Laser Damage Testing
  • High throughput CW - Nanosecond - Picosecond - Femtosecond laser damage certification
  • Speed and efficiency in processing the testing orders
  • Detailed measurement reports containing easy to understand statistical data
  • Consulting and cooperation in scientific R&D projects
  • Help in the selection of appropriate optics vendors for a laser application
  • Guidance in the optimization of the manufacturing of optical elements for power laser applications;

awards, certificates, memberships, cooperation


  • 20+ Years
    Of experience with Laser Damage Subject
  • 20+ R&D Projects
    Completed and Still Strong in A Long-Term Partnership
  • 85% Export
    to United States, European Union, Asia
  • 150+ Customers
    Worldwide Organizations, Who Trusts Us with Their Needs
  • 16 People
    in a Professional Team of Lidaris
  • 3 PhD’s
    With Doctorates in Laser Damage Subject


  • Tell us about samples that you have and tests that you need via the platform.

  • Get the best offer for testing service (sign NDA if needed).

  • Prepare your samples  following our guidelines and ship them to Lidaris.

  • Get an updated on your measurement status, receive the report and the invoice.

  • Discuss the meaning of the results if needed.Use detailed measurements results to achieve success.




Feel free to let us know if you have any concerns. We can always help you with choosing the right solution for your specific needs.