Lifetime + Certification Bundle for Industrial Grade Fs-Ps Laser Optics

The package consists of several tests carefully selected to address optics certification for critical applications. It includes lifetime testing, and two “worst case scenario” pass or fail tests, namely - endurance- and raster scan- check.

Optics Lifetime procedure explained:

Use this bundle:

  • To charecterize optical elements used in critcal applications such as medical or space laser optics
  • To characterize optical elements used in industry laser working at long-term exposures
  • For interogation of sample performance in space and time

Our clients like it because it

  • Predicts lifetime at irradiation level of certification
  • Checks optics for two edge cases at certification level: defect driven damage and fatigue
  • Validates prediction model for identified failure mode (or multiple failure modes, if possible)


The parameter, that characterizes an optic’s ability to withstand intense laser irradiation is the so-called laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT). Certification of optics using “classical” pass or fail testing at specified LIDT level is sometimes not enough to certify optics for critical applications.

This is because some samples are inhomogeneous and some tend to change over time. For transmissive optical elements, LIDT can be limited either by front- or back-surface damage.

All these factors can be considered by certification bundle.

Need something else?

Some of the package parameters (such as scan area) can be adjusted to better fit our client’s needs. Also, additional testing (such as scattering testing, surface Nomarski microscopy, and other LIDT tests) can be added to the package if necessary. Let's discuss Your laser damage testing needs!


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