Ordering process

We have developed a user-friendly ordering process. Easy to use our service for clients from all over the world. Lidaris experts are here to help you navigate all the information and get the most benefit from the testing.

Standard order process

  • Tell us what samples you have and what testing you need

  • Get the best

  • Prepare your samples for handling and shipping following our notes

  • Ship sample
    and PO

  • Get update on your measurement status, receive the invoice

  • Make payment. Remember it will save more than it costs

  • Use the results
    to achieve

Not sure about your order? Let’s talk

Feel free if you have any questions or concerns. We can always help you with laser damage issues.

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more tools and useful information

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  • Testing conditions

    Check out all available laser damage testing conditions (wavelengths, pulse regimes, environments, and more).
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  • Laser Damage infobase

    Check out a useful glossary of terms and simple explanations related to the main topics of laser damage terminology.
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  • Online Fluence calculator

    Check out a calculator equipped with laser-related calculus that is frequently required in practice: such as laser fluence.
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  • Downloads and docs

    Here you can download all information about laser damage testing available at Lidaris.
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  • New client guide

    Here you will find usefull guidlines and suggestions for everyone, who is new the laser damage field.
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  • Orders FAQ

    Fast way to find out about test samples prepration, handling, and shipping.
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Feel free to let us know if you have any concerns. We can always help you with choosing the right solution for your specific needs.