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Equipped with laser-related calculus that is frequently required in practice such as laser fluence, gaussian spot size, LIDT scaling laws, photon unit converter, and many others.


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  • Estimates laser peak fluence and peak power
  • Scales damage threshold of dielectrics with pulse duration
  • Performs conversions between popular photonic units
  • Estimates spot size of focused Gaussian beams
  • Calculates diffraction angles of diffraction gratings

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  • Online Fluence calculator

    Check out a calculator equipped with laser-related calculus that is frequently required in practice: such as laser fluence.
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  • New client guide

    Here you will find usefull guidlines and suggestions for everyone, who is new the laser damage field.
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  • Laser Damage infobase

    Check out a useful glossary of terms and simple explanations related to the main topics of laser damage terminology.
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