Lidaris presents at V2023 International Conference & Exhibition

2023.09.07 | Events
Lidaris is excited to present at the V2023 international conference & exhibition, organized by the European Society of Thin Films (ESDF). Join us as we discuss the vital significance of low-loss absorption losses in the Continuous Wave (CW) regime and explore the applications of the Photothermal Common-path Interferometry (PCI) technique. We look forward to sharing these valuable insights with you.

The V2023 conference and exhibition is a significant gathering focused on addressing critical societal challenges, including climate protection, energy sustainability, mobility, and health. As part of this event, an essential workshop titled “Coatings for Tools and Components” is scheduled to take place. During this workshop, Lidaris expert Dr. Justinas Galinis will provide valuable insights into the importance of low-loss absorption measurements. Don’t miss the presentation titled “Exploring New Frontiers for Non-Destructive Testing in Optical Coating Analysis Through the Use of Photothermal Common-Path Interferometry” – an opportunity to delve into innovative optical coating analysis techniques.

Save the date: 19th of September, 2023

Location: Internationales Congress Center Dresden

Presentation: 16:20, Room 5

Program: explore full program or download the abstract

Want to learn more: check out Absorptance Test (PCI)


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