Lidaris joins a new research project TRUST

2017.03.01 | Projects

On the 1st of March 2017, Lidaris joined a new research project with two worldwide known high-tech companies: EKSPLA and OPTIDA.

The project TRUST (Nr. J05-LVPA-K-01-0125) is dedicated to the research of ultrashort laser pulses application for future technologies.

Project duration: 2 years.

As technologies are becoming more popular, more research is done with extremely powerful femtosecond pulses but the complexity of the source of these pulses and technology imperfection stops their practical application. The project aim is to meet the need of these sources and prepare the technological base of ultra-high (TW class) power femtosecond systems.

During the project “Ekspla” together with its partners (project partners: JSC „Lidaris“, JSC „Optida“) will create a compact laser system for high-energy ultra-high peak power femtosecond pulse generation and try some of the essential enhancement and pulse pressure technologies, which are needed for the most powerful laser systems creation. A prototype, which will be formed on the basis of laser hybrid fiber made from laser-contamination and solid state diode pumped power amplifier, will be developed.

Investments in R&D activities are structural funding from „Intelektas“.


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