Lidaris and ESA start a new project ESPRESSO

2016.01.15 | Projects

Lithuanian experts of Laser-Induced Damage-LIDARIS start the cooperation with EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY.

On the 15th of January 2016 Lidaris and European Space Agency (ESA) have started a new project ESPRESSO, which is focused on ESsential PREparation Steps for Qualification Longevity of Space Optics.

Project duration: 2 years.

Laser systems operating in space require well-characterized optics, which are able to ensure long-term failure-free operation and perform effectively under high average output power. If an optical element used in the laser system would become damaged, the performance of the laser can be seriously reduced or even destroyed. Furthermore, a damaged optical element would also endanger the entire space project since there is almost no possibility to repair optic’s degradation in the orbit.

Up to now, the ability to predict optic’s longevity required by space programs is limited by insufficient experimental data and lack of the validated prediction models. In order to solve this problem, Lidaris and ESA join forces for a two years collaboration project ESPRESSO. The overall aim of the project is to carry out research and development work required for essential preparation of reliable longevity qualification procedure to evaluate high power laser optics with intended use in space applications.

Laser-induced damages on optical surfaces

Lidaris Ltd is a high-tech company, which provides world-class optics characterization services, focused on Laser-Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT), Total Integrated Scattering (TIS) and Absorption testing. The company also offers R&D services based on original hardware and software solutions dedicated to the quality improvement of high power optics. Lidaris was founded as a start-up of Vilnius University Laser Research Center after more than 10 years of intense research in the field of laser damage phenomena. The core staff consists of scientists. Lidaris is proud to serve the most famous optics companies – the leaders of today’s laser market, including manufacturers and suppliers of optics and laser systems. Export share of the company exceeds 95%.

Disclaimer: The view expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Space Agency.


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