Custom LIDT test

Non-standard LIDT test
for specific cases

The custom LIDT test is designed to provide the maximum information about Laser-Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) in specific cases.Skip to order: Download_conditions

Laser-Induced Damage Threshold is sensitive to the sample exposure conditions, material properties and environment. It is also sensitive to the test method. In some cases, standard ISO test and commonly known non-standard tests are insufficient to answer particular questions. Custom LIDT test is designed to provide the maximum information about optical resistance of your component. Firstly, the needs are discussed with the customer. Then standard test methods are adjusted to the meet specific requirements.


Use this test when you need:

    • Custom irradiation conditions:

      • e. g.: very large number of incident pulses (>1000 per site);
      • e. g.: also very large or very small (micro-focus) laser test beam diameter.

  • Custom exposure algorithm.
  • Custom test site layout.
  • Custom damage interpretation.
  • Custom analysis.


Be aware:
Custom tests are more expensive and have longer lead times. Not all custom tests can be compared with standard tests.


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