Partnership in RnD projects

Laser-Induced Damage is complicated. Standard laser damage testing is not always enough. We understand this need Our team is always open to various partnership possibilities.


  • 20+ Projects
    Completed and Still Strong in A Long-Term Partnership
  • 20+ years
    of experience with Laser Damage Subject
  • 4 awards in LIDT research
    Team members are 4 times awarded at the SPIE LASER DAMAGE SYMPOSIUM for achievement in laser damage research.
  • Member of ISO/TC 172/SC 9
    Expert work in the revision of ISO 21254 family standards related to laser damage testing and metrology.
  • Partnerhip with ESA
    Ongoing partnership with ESA: projects ESPRESSO and ESPRESSO II dedicated to Space Optics longevity characterization
  • Partnerhip with LLNL
    Official LIDT testing laboratory for SPIE LASER DAMAGE COMPETITION organized by LLNL in 2020 & 2021

How do R&D services work?

  • Discussion

    We discuss the challenge with you. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) can be signed if needed

  • R&D Plan

    R&D plan (experimental design) is prepared. It is specified for Your goals and adapted to Your: allocated budget, foreseen research duration, foreseen samples preparation and delivery schedule, and other needs to receive optimum results.

  • Samples

    Appropriate samples for testing are produced by the customer and sent to Lidaris.

  • Testing & Analysis

    The responses of prepared samples are tested at Lidaris. Data interpretation is performed by identifying the most critical factors and their interactions at optimal levels.

  • Update & Feedback

    Another round of optimization is performed if necessary.

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