Process Development

Optically defects are the primary source of laser damage initiation in optical surfaces: especially for UV range and nanosecond pulse durations. The grinding, polishing and coating deposition steps introduce major part of those defects. Good news: all these steps can be optimized by the means of defects minimization thus improving laser damage threshold of whole component. After extensive studies LIDARIS has developed sophisticated tools that are capable to provide quantitative feedback for optics manufacturing processes. Analysis is not limited to damage threshold measurements but also include defects density distributions inherent to manufacturing process. Inform Lidaris staff about the problem you are trying to solve or process to optimize and we will assist you when designing minimum set of required appropriate series of process development experiments.

By doing so you will:

get quantitative feedback about the damage causing defect densities in combination with characteristic limiting fluence;

gain knowledge about your optics performance;

get comments from experts: what are potential reasons of the failure;

be able to make comparison of your process reproducibility in time.


Our specialists cooperate with customers on one time request, projects and long term recommendations in order to gain maximum efficiency of their goals.


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