S-on-1 Test

ISO certified test

S-on-1 LIDT test is the most popular technique used for laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT) characterization of laser optics.

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Most optics is intended to be used for multiple laser shots irradiation under different fluencies. The S-on-1 test is a multi-shot technique. In this case, the surface of a sample is divided into a matrix of sites, which are well separated in space (see figure below). A constant number of sites is exposed under multiple (S) laser shots with the same fluence. The number of pulses can vary on the demand requirements for different applications. Typically 1000 pulses are used for one site irradiation for low repetition rate regime (1-100 Hz). For high repetition rate (>1kHz) the number of consecutive pulses for one site could be as high as 10000-on-1. Then the fluence is increased and sequence is repeated for other sites. If the optical element is damaged in the middle of the laser pulse burst, the exposure is stopped to prevent further destruction of the sample. The number of pulses passed before the damage occurs is recorded and used to evaluate LIDT dependence on number of applied pulses. The LIDT is reported as a function of incident laser pulses. The same procedure can be applied at different pulse repetition rates and in different environmental conditions.


Use this test to:

  • Accurately characterize the LIDT of laser optics.
  • Considers effects of repetition rate.
  • Considered accumulation and incubation effects – this helps to predict the aging of optics.
  • Extrapolate results to the high exposure dose (available in some cases).

It is recommended to perform the S-on-1 procedure whenever the accurate LIDT value is needed. Developers of optical systems, optics sales companies and especially optics manufacturing and development institutions are highly advised to run S-on-1 test in order to guarantee the quality of their products. Our service provides S-on-1 test in a very broad range of experimental conditions. Also to benefit our customers we offer detailed measurement reports containing easy to understand statistical data.


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