Laser Damage Certification

ISO certified test

Laser Damage Certification test (also known as Pass/Fail test) is designed to separate good and bad optics.

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Optics manufacturing is an extremely complex and difficult procedure, which includes several unstable steps. Unrepeatable loose abrasive polishing or optical coating deposition processes are good examples of such cases. Accordingly the quality of optics manufacturing might vary from batch to batch in time and element to element in the same batch. This causes serious problems for industrial applications of lasers. Most of the optics end users (laser system developers) require guarantee for their products to perform reliably. Laser Damage Certification procedure is used to ensure the quality of the optics in large quantities.

Following the ISO requirements the optical component is exposed with multiple laser pulses at a fixed fluence of interest. Either one or more sites could be irradiated for a certain amount of time. After the exposure the optical surface of the sample is inspected for damages under the Nomarski microscope. If no damage is observed, optics can be further used after testing. If laser damage occurs, the component does not meet the required specification and cannot be used anyway. These tests are useful in the case you want to test expensive and unique optical parts.


Use this test to:

  • Monitor optics quality on a daily basis.
  • Check purchased optics quality before use in critical applications.
  • Inspect whether optical element meets qualifications.

Typically, laser system manufacturers, resellers and optic manufacturers testing large amount of optics benefit from Laser Damage Certification. Tthese tests are highly personalized to fit the customer’s needs. Our service provides full guidance for planning and executing work in order to reduce expenses and time consumption.

If you are looking for detailed information about laser damage characterization or possibilities of improving your optic quality, please check 1-on1, S-on-1 testing procedures.


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