1-on-1 Test

ISO certified test

1-on-1 LIDT test is a relatively simple and easy to interpret technique for “non-fatigue” laser-induced damage threshold determination.

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The 1-on-1 test is well suited to optimize the quantitative optics manufacturing processes (such as coating deposition and glass polishing). To perform 1-on-1 test procedure the surface area is divided into a matrix of sites, which are well separated in space (see the figure or watch a video below). A constant number of sites are irradiated with one preselected pulse energy and one pulse per site. For each site pulse, energy and the state of the site (damaged or non-damaged) are recorded. After the exposure, the damage probability is calculated. Then the pulse energy is increased and the sequence is repeated for another test sites. During measurement pulse energy is increased until 100% damage probability is reached. Damage threshold is estimated from damage probability dependence on applied pulse energy by appropriate extrapolation models.


The benefits of the 1-on-1 test procedure are often underestimated. This simple procedure merged with sophisticated statistical analysis provides useful feedback about the quality of the different manufacture processes.

Use this test for:

  • Optics manufacture (polishing or coating) optimization.
  • Investigation of fundamental material properties.
  • Identification of distinct defects.
  • Quick feedback and relative comparison of the samples.

Watch how it works on one of our tutorial video:

LIDARIS provides 1-on-1 test in a very broad range of experimental conditions and offers our customers detailed measurement reports containing easy to understand statistical data.


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