R-on-1 Test

Knowledge about destructive laser damage process is essential for any type of optics in use. In some cases, testing area of the optical component is too small or not available for a detailed analysis. R-on-1 test procedure is designed to provide rough information about laser damage threshold for surface limited samples. It uses multiple pulses when irradiating single site of the sample. Starting from very low values fluency is constantly increased step by step until damage is reached. The main idea is set to determine LIDT from one exposed site. Though up to 100 sites might be required to test for this procedure due to statistical nature of laser damage phenomena. Continuous laser interaction with material might also cause conditioning (accumulation or incubation) of fatigue effects, which distort LIDT estimation. Our service might help you to optimize R on 1 procedure to fit your optics testing efficiently. On a daily basis R on 1 testing procedure highly benefits:

  • comparison of manufacturing processes,
  • comparison of vendors,
  • investigation of conditioning possibilities (in terms of optical absorption or unknown type of defect reduction).

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