Lidaris App

Free Laser Fluence Calculator

LIDARIS Calc helps to:

  1. estimate laser fluence or irradiance;
  2. scale laser-induced damage threshold in optical materials for different pulse durations;
  3. convert photon units;
  4. scale spot size for different wavelenght;
  5. calculate Gaussian laser spot size in focus;
  6. charakterize difrraction by gratting (spacing of grooves and diffraction angle);


You can do this by providing intuitive parameters such as laser beam diameter, laser pulse energy or average power and repetition rate. It might be very useful for rough estimations when standing in front of optical table or designing new optical scheme. By using Lidaris you will gain confidence helping to prevent laser damage in optics with known laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT). Users of this app also get one free consultation with Lidaris laser damage testing experts. Take it. Its free!